August 31, 2007


No this isn't a rip off of Film Experience's 20:07 feature, nor is it some sequel to Aussie suicide drama 2:37, no it's a song timestamp.


If you have been lucky to pick up a copy of Darren Hayes' new CD This Delicate Thing We've Made (love the album title btw) and having listened to the sublime "Casey" then you'll know that at 2 minutes and 52 seconds is the moment that music changed forever. The moment an already amazing song morphs into the greatest moment of Hayes' career. The moment when that deep pulsating beat takes over and sends the song into the euphoric stratosphere.

The rest of the album is pretty darn good too. Probably the best album of 2007 so far. Shoutouts also go to "How To Build a Time Machine", "Waking the Monster", "On the Verge of Something Wonderful", "Bombs Up In My Face", "Neverland", "Me, Myself and (I)", "Words', "A Fear of Falling Under", "Who Would Have Thought?", "The Future Holds A Lion's Heart", "Setting Sun" and "The Tuning of Violins", but really all 25 songs on the amazing double album are great. BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!


Dave said...

Better than Rihanna? Pshaw. I refuse to believe that.

*desperately needs to get copy...*

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yes, you bloody well do need to get a copy.

And, yeah, it's better than Rihanna but she's still #2. It's just so... symphonic (that's a great word to describe it)!

David said...

I love it! Probably my favourite album this year. Quite sad too, i never knew Darren had such a bad life when he was a kid.

I'm not sure which disk i prefer more >_< There is something about every song that i like. Really energized me creatively.