August 16, 2007

Chris Evans Puts Some Clothes On(!)

We all know how amazing Chris Evans looks sans clothes, but look at the below image from his new modelling shots in GQ and tell me that he isn't just as delicious in a crazy patterned three piece? If he showed up on my doorstep I definitely wouldn't turn him away for wearing that, that's for sure!


JA said...

I love the suit, and I love Chris Evans (duh), but that picture SUCKS. Why is he pushing his head down like that? With that large collar his head looks deranged, hanging down like that.

adam k. said...

He isn't just am delicious in a crazy patterned three piece.

adam k. said...

*AS delicious

DAMN I f'ed it up.

Kamikaze Camel said...

You don't think?

But then again, I do have a thing for a man in a nice tailored suit.