July 13, 2007

Phew! (and other MIFF-related info)


This is (most of) my Melbourne International Film Festival schedule as of right now. I basically didn't give a rat's arse what I got as long as I had Inland Empire on there AND I DO OMG! The August 7 screening at ACMI, so I'm mucho happy. As the clock ticked 11am the site still wasn't working and then it wouldn't let me do anything for fifteen minutes so I was panicking. It just kept coming up with "ONLINE SALES CLOSED" and I just couldn't do anything. But, yes, thankfully it all worked out and I'm booked for all the movies I really wanted to see bar one. I was a stupid idiot and forgot all about David Gordon Green's Snow Angels. By the time I finally remembered I had already maxxed out my pass. I would have substituted it for Control, but it was too late. Oh well. Maybe I could still swap it? I'll see. I would have tried to see Eyton Fox's The Bubble as well, but I can deal.

The only movie that isn't listed on the above grid is a film called The Witnesses, which sounded good in The Age MIFF guide.

I'm happy about my selections. I got the higher-profile director films that I was dying to see like Lynch's Inland Empire, Bela Tarr's The Man From London and Lars von Trier's The Boss of It All. Plus some other ones I was less-familiar with, but which sound great like Bella (won TIFF's People's Choice Award), The Untouchable (woman tries to find her Indian father), Night (An Australian documentary) and The Witnesses (GLBT-themed mystery... I think). I even have some French horror (Ils), two acclaimed Asian films (Syndromes and a Century, despite my friend Simon trying to tell me not to see it, and Still Life), and Savage Grace by Tom Kalin with Julianne Moore(!!!).

For me it all starts July 27 (that's exactly two weeks from today) so omgyay! I may try and see


par3182 said...

i'll be at night on august 03 (my friend lawrence is the director) so hopefully i'll see you there (i think there's a party afterwards - i'll let you know)

JA said...

I am SO jealous you're gonna see Ils. I'm dying to see it. DYING. I guess it's a trade-off, since I saw Inland Empire months ago, though. ;-)

Boyd said...

Ils is great. Inland I didn't like so much -- I think part of the trouble is that it is not really a festival film, i.e. one you toss off between two Estonian comedies in the morning and a gay weepie from Taiwan in the evening.

The Witnesses is really good, it's not really a mystery but more of a relationship drama set in the 1980s. Stunningly acted and photographed and beautifully told. Haunting. It's my number one film of the year so far (and I have seen some pretty decent stuff). Catch it if you can. Sell your underpants if need be. You won't be disappointed.

Control is not bad, The Untouchable was a case of nomen omen for me, but it has the gorgeous Isild Le Besco, who is actually really good. The Tarr is Tarr.

I'm sure you'll keep us up to date on what you think ;)

Great new avatar, by the way!!

Kamikaze Camel said...

Par, I'm no longer going to Night (complications) and I'm seeing the Andy Warhol doc instead. Shame, I really wanted to see Night. But I also really wanted to see the Warhol doc, and I'll be in the Grampions on the night of, er, Night. So... yes... damn.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh, and thanks for the tips Boyd. Witnesses did sound really interesting.

Luckily Inland Empire is all I have on for that day so my mind will be free as a bird, ready to absorb.

I wanna see Control because, hello, it's Joy Division.

Ja, I got Ils and Teeth recommended to me and I don't particularly like movies about vaginas with teeth, so I chose Ils. Sounds great and terrifying.

JA said...

Ooh, but I've heard great things about Teeth too. Man I hope these get some play out here.

j said...

have u seen bela tarr's "satantango"?- stunning. inland empire- wish i could make it

Paul Martin said...

Well Glenn, as I predicted, the first session of Inland Empire has sold out. Sit pretty on dem tickets.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I haven't seen anything by Bela Tarr ever. The Man From London will be my first exposure to a film by him.

Paul, I'm going to make sure I get there nice and early to get a good seat. ACMI's seating can be either really great or really bad if you're in the lower part of the theatre.