July 12, 2007

So Anxious!


So, I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and go buy The Age and scan the MIFF pullout and then at 11am jump onto the computer (here's hoping it doesn't die on me!!) and try and book my sessions. I am desperate to be able to go to Inland Empire most of all (in case you hadn't noticed from the last year and a half of ramblings: I REALLY WANNA SEE IT!) and maybe Still Life, The Man From London, Syndromes and a Century and Savage Grace most of all, plus whatever comes along my way. EEP! So excited, but also really anxious. I hope Inland Empire doesn't get booked out. I'm sure I'll be able to get a ticket, but I've never done a film festival like this before so I really can't say for sure. I just hope I can follow the instructions!!!


Paul Martin said...

I must say that I was full of anxiety, first as 11am approached and I realised that I was not as organised by this time as I wanted to be, then when the MIFF site went live and I couldn't get on straight away.

I've booked 17 sessions so far, and there's so many films I want to see (I have a short list of 48). Now, I have a Festival Pass, so I can see 80 or more, but I'm not that crazy. I'm aiming for 40-50, and that's really more than an intelligent human being can really absorb. Ah, the anxiety of MIFF.

A mini-pass is a good thing to have, BTW. This is the first year I've had a full pass, and I don't know if I'll do it again. Restraint is a wonderful thing.

Kamikaze Camel said...

At least you live in Melbourne (right?) so it's easier to work with the festival pass. I have to catch the train up and back each day (although I may stay overnight in a hotel if need be) so I can't really afford to go every day.

I mean, there's plenty I would've been able to utilise it definitely, but that's $300+ for the pass and then food and accomidations and so on. Money I don't have.

Hope you have fun though! My 13 films are gonna be fun fun fun.