July 6, 2007

Once Upon an Oprah

My alcohol-riddled mind played games with my dreams last night. I had a dream involving the movie Once... which I haven't seen! I don't even really know much about it other than it involves two people and they sing some songs. Possibly in... Ireland? I'm not sure. Basically those were the only things that my mind knows so they were the only things incorporated into my dream.

I also dreamed that Bill Paxton (?!?) had gone mad because a special box of chocolates. Then later I was in this rundown old motel and saw Oprah Winfrey there (as you do) and she was handing out the same boxes of chocolates. And then, and this is the even more bizarre part, when I went to say "You gave those chocolates to Bill Paxton" I actually said "You gave those chocolates to Bill Pullman" and then Oprah and I laughed and we joked about how I said the wrong name.

So in conclusion:


Thank you very much. I am the greatest.


rural juror said...

Ummm....you see 'Once' as soon as possible. Is it out there?

I once had a dream after seeing Before Sunrise in which I was in a room with a bunch of people I know and Ethan Hawke, except he looked absolutely nothing like Ethan Hawke.

rural juror said...

by the way, how is Romulus, My Father? It looked interesting to me.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Once isn't out yet. I think it comes out in September. Grrr.

Romulus was fine. Nothing special, but a nice film nonetheless.

rural juror said...

You make sure to see Once...do it. The nice thing is there's not a whole lot someone can spoil for you (minus a few parts at the end that are still relatively small) so it shouldn't be that bad.

adam k. said...

Yeah it's a hard movie to spoil. It really is just about two people who sing songs (yes, in Ireland).

I wouldn't recommend listening to the songs before seeing it, though (even though I put them on my blog).

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, yeah, nobody needs to convince me to see it. I had already decided to do so. It sounds charming.

J.D. said...

Wait -- Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton aren't the same person?!?! And they're both actual people?!?!? AAHHHHH!!!!!!!