July 30, 2007

Linky Warhol

Here's some links.

Aleisha won Big Brother, which means Zach did not. At least Travis or Billy didn't! But here is Scott to be Certain discussing Australia's previous Big Brothers. Obviously, he reckons Vesna rocked as does everybody and everyone realised the injustice of Logan Greg winning 2005.

Sight and Sound has an interview with Gus Van Sant (who's next film Paranoid Park doesn't even have a distributer, I believe) about Andy Warhol. Interesting stuff.

Our costumer on Finding Forrester went to the Carnegie Institute at the same time as Warhol. We were begging her for information. She said, "I don't know. He was a weenie. We didn't talk to him." ­Perhaps there was a relationship between having an entourage around him all the time and his origins as the weenie in the class.

StinkyLuLu has another Supporting Actress Smackdown. Who will be the victor? Cusack, Davis, McDormand, Pfeiffer for Weaver? I haven't seen Mississippi Burning so I can't comment on McDormand, but I think I would have passed my vote for Sigourney Weaver for Working Girl.

I've discussed Rachel Stevens before. And now PopJustice are too. But for the wrong reasons. Oy... They also have new Debbie Harry material, which is very exciting.

Lastly, Cinematical has an interview with the luminous Julie Delpy. On discussion is the end of recently released (in America) Broken English. "You're gonna miss your plane..."

JD: Really?

RS: Yeah. It was like, why would she do that?

JD: Why would she do that? That's weird. Was it conscious?

RS: I don't know. I thought maybe you two were friends, and it was an homage. Who knows?

JD: Maybe it's an homage.

RS: Anyway ...

JD: Really? She says that line?

RS: It's something close to that. You have to rent it now, I guess.

JD: Yeah, yeah. It's odd. I was planning on seeing it. It doesn't matter. Before Sunset has been done, you know, a while ago.


Adem IAR said...

There's a very interesting story I've heard regarding The Logan Twins and Executive Producer Kris Noble... The story is that the Logan's family and Noble's family were quite close PRIOR to BB2005...

Kamikaze Camel said...


Even though she didn't even come second, she still deserves a big giant novelty check. Because she's Vesna.