July 25, 2007

Big Brother Isn't Being Watched

So, the ratings for this year's Australian Big Brother are down on previous years. It's not hard to see why if you've watched the show - It's shit. Pretty much all the girls are the exact same as each other and pretty much all the men are the same as each other. They'll never match those first few seasons where it was amazingly interesting to watch this new concept show. The thing is, if the producers took half as much time casting as they did coming up with new tasks each week the show would be better off for it.

It's not really surprising - but incredibly frustrating - that two of the best housemates throughout the entire seven years have been intruders. If they put the intruders into the house in the first place, instead of half way through the program to boost ratings, it would be so much better. Take this year's Zach. He is adorable! I hadn't watched a single episode of this season until Zach showed up and now I'm secretly watching it at 7pm, even though there's only a week to go and it's still terribly drab in that house. He's just so fun and energetic and hilarious. Plus, he entered the house wearing a corset. Compare that to the six or seven or eight or however many ocker blokes they through in there this year and for the last couple of years. Below is the only clip of Zach available on YouTube and it's of him discussing the great Aussie girlgroup from the early '90s Girlfriend which became GF4 when Robyn Laou left (remember them?!).

Still, Zach has nothing on not only the greatest Australian Big Brother contestant ever but, perhaps, the greatest contestant on Big Brother from any country anywhere on this planet: VESNA

Fuck. she was amazing! She was, naturally, an intruder in the fifth season. She was just twenty million different kinds of greatness. I loved her so much. Of course, she got evicted on the second last day and then the boring ocker twin went on to win. But, whatever, we'll always have Vesna. Below you can watch her discuss colonic irrigations. It's hilarious! And Adem over at I'm Always Right does the occasional "snatchcast" (aka, podcast) with her. Lucky!

So, for next year I may start watching Big Brother again if they have someone half as entertaining as Vesna or Zach. PLEASE! Another intruder I liked was from season 6. Max. He wasn't anything special but I had a bit of a crush on him.

Lastly, just for shits and giggles here is Girlfriend performing "Take It From Me" on Hey Hey It's Saturday. Teehee. Did they steal Blossom's wardrobe? So retro. Yes, that is an ostrich puppet.

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