July 31, 2007

Australia Really Likes Homer!

Seriously. Wow. The Simpsons Movie debuted in Australia last weekend with over $13mil in takings! That equals an American opening of $132mil, nearly double the $74mil that it took in America. I guess in Australia it was bound to be more popular considering the television program still rates in the Top 20 charts regularly (compared to America's #60 position).

In other Aussie box office news, As It Is In Heaven passes the 52 weeks mark of time on the box office charts. Amazing. This obscure Oscar-nominee for Best Foreign Language Film (which it didn't win) has been on the chart for an entire year. It's common for albums to be on the music charts for that long, but it nigh on never happens with films.

1 comment:

RC said...

wow, i am amazed at how well it did in australia...have you seen it?

I did see it in the US...i've posted a few of my thoughts on the film...but nothing too deep.