July 20, 2007

Happy (Oh!) Birthday (Oh!) Sandra (Oh!)

Fact: I love Sandra Oh(!) Not just "love". No, I LOVE Sandra Oh(!) I think she is just so amazing. I love Sandra Oh(!) so much that whenever I say Sandra Oh(!)'s name I need to say her entire name and say it as an exclamation!(!) Because Sandra Oh(!) deserves it!

Before getting the luckiest job of her career - that'd be Grey's Anatomy - I loved her in Dancing at the Blue Iguana. I loved her on Arli$$. I loved her in Under the Tuscan Sun. I loved her in that tiny role in Hard Candy! I loved her in Sideways, and when every other cast member was winning awards including Dumb Schlub Paul Giamatti winning for being a dumb fat schlub I felt really sad for Sandra Oh(!). Because Sandra Oh(!) is amazing and better than dumb schlub Paul Giamatti. I just love her in every single thing that she does. LOVE!

So today I wish Sandra Oh(!) a very happy birthday because Sandra Oh(!) deserves it. Go out and rent Sandra Oh(!) in Dancing at the Blue Iguana because I think it's Sandra Oh(!)'s best role (as a poet stripper!) Or just bask in the awesomeness that is


Ninja Monkey said...

I fell in love with Sandra Oh when I saw her in the Don McKeller film 'Last Night'. It's a brilliant film, one of my all time favs, its really worth checking out, especially if you like Sandra...

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