July 20, 2007

Link, Baby, Link

Here's some links to pass your time!

Despite my dust up last year with Kris from InContention I still enjoy some of the features of his site. New writer Brian Kingsley has taken on the 'From Page to Screen' feature and the first one is Gone Baby Gone, the new film written and directed by Ben Affleck. I predicted Oscar glory for this movie, but the following quote doesn't exactly fill me with confidence:

As far as awards potential goes, I don’t think we’ll see much. It’ll deserve a lot I imagine, specifically for this script and, given the potential, Casey Affleck, but it’s not an Oscar picture. It’s brutal, it’s scary and it doesn’t scream Oscar (as many contenders this year do) more so than genre. However, this can certainly be a critic’s darling if it rouses the right amount of passion.

We'll see. Might be interesting to see Ben Affleck be a writing nominee again though, hey?

The Age has an article about writer/director Tom Kalin (Swoon) and his new film - the Julianne Moore-starring Savage Grace. I'm seeing this film on August 10 as part of MIFF and I'm excited. The Age also has a roundup of how the Aussies did with the Emmy voters. In one category - Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries - three of the nominees are Australians! That'd be Judy David, Gretta Scacci, Toni Collette. Plus, Anna Paquin is from New Zealand. We stole Russell Crowe from them... Oh and Rachel Griffiths got nominated too, which was great!

I'm not gonna discuss the Emmy nods because many of the shows aren't even on down here (stuff like 30 Rock) but I'm happy about the multiple nods for Heroes and Ugly Betty - a show I am loving despite it's immense flaws - compared to Grey's Anatomy, which I am falling rapidly out of love with with each and every passing episode because of it's immense flaws. Hmmm. Seriously though, can they just give Kyra Sedgwick the Emmy right now? She owns it. Where was Brothers and Sisters though? I thought the Emmys would eat that show up for a breakfast!

MNPP has a quote of the day from Chris Evans. It's gold and it's all about him being shirtless all the time. Apparently some people think he's "too hairy"! Blasphemy! He's the perfect amount of hairy, thank you very much.

The Hot Blog has the poster for Wes Anderson's upcoming release The Darjeeling Limited. It has a very similar design to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (below). I've had an up and down history with Wes Anderson. I'm in the minority of Rushmore in that I think it's not very good at all. But then I absolutely love love love The Royal Tenenbaums. The Life Aquatic was somewhere in the middle there. I wonder where Darjeeling will fall when it's released later in 2007. Somebody makes a curious comment in the replies to the entry at The Hot Blog - all three of these actors have distinctive noses. Also, if you look in the credits it also has Anjelica Huston and the costumes are done by Milena Canonero. !!!

Electronic Cerebrectomy discusses the new plans for Michael Moore's possible next documentary - gay rights and the Christian left's inability to be rational. Tricky subject, but Moore can do it justice I think. We need someone like him to get it out there on CNN and not just have some obvious panel of "experts" or something on the sidelines at some fringe festival.

And lastly Dave at Victim of the Time discusses how amazing Six Feet Under is. It wouldn't be my favourite of all time (although it would be top 5 probably along with Twin Peaks, Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and with Sex and the City and Golden Girls battling it out for the final spot) but, those final ten minutes? AMAZING. A few weeks ago there was an interview, in the TV guide that comes with the Herald Sun on Wednesdays, with Rachel Griffiths in which she stated she thought the final ten minutes of Six Feet Under were the finest ten minutes of television in history. I pretty much can't argue with that.

So, naturally, here's the clip! Don't watch it if you intend to watch the entire series (six seasons) some day because it'll ruin everything. If you've seen it already then just... I dunno. Sit there in stunned silence and take it all in. It's stunning. Again - the finest ten minutes ever in the history of television. Don't even try to tell me it's not.

I'm crying by the one minute mark!


Anonymous said...

*five seasons.

rural juror said...

You don't get 30 Rock!? I feel so bad for you.

Kamikaze Camel said...

You're right anon. I coulda sworn it was six for some reason. It was spread out so sporadically it probably just felt like six?

Rural, I don't really mind quite frankly.

rural juror said...

Well it's a great show but....

j said...

that six feet under finale had me BAWLING when it first aired... good to see Kalin back in the directors chair- sounds like a good movie. christine vachon certainly talks it up in her book 'a killer life'

J.D. said...

30 Rock is Top 3 still-on-the-air somehow shows. Just excellent.

Adem IAR said...

Such a splendid finale. I remember locking myself in my room for the remains of my weekend in a deep, sad depression after watching it for the first time. Turns that Sia track into something even more stunning than it already was.