July 15, 2007

Guy Pearce Looks Healthy Again!

This is a clipping I took from the Sunday Herald Sun. It's an exlusive shot of the exciting new Aussie film How to Change in Nine Weeks. It stars Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto as the parents of a slain dancer and it's based on a real story from here in Melbourne. It also stars Sam Neill and Rebecca Gibney (love that cast!) Of course, if you look at the text I basically didn't need to type any of that because it's all there, but whatever. If you click the picture it'll grow to massive proportions (not really, but it will be slightly bigger).

It's nice to see Guy looking healthy again after a while in scary weight-loss territory. He actually looks handsome again! Along with this and the Rose Byrne/Hugo Weaving/Pia Miranda noir period film The Tender Hook and, obviously, Baz Luhmann's epic Australia there appears to be a resurgance in Aussie films with grander themes and bigger casts (the three mentioned in this entry alone all feature actors who have "made it" in America and beyond). And I think all Australians can agree that this is something that needs to happen if we are to built a sustainable industry.

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