June 17, 2007

There Will Be Audience Members

If this teaser/trailer/clip-thing for Paul Thomas Anderson's latest There Will Be Blood is anything to go by then it could be either really great (Hard Eight, Boogie Nights) or really boring (Magnolia - I'm going to rewatch it soon, so don't hound me but I fell asleep three times watching that movie). Love that shot of the people running towards the tower which is ablaze. If nothing else, there will be great cinematography and Daniel Day-Lewis (possibly the finest actor of his generation).

Anyway. Watch it.

I rented Punch-Drunk Love recently from the video store but the DVD was cracked when I got it home and they didn't have any other copies, which was kind of a bitch but I dealt with it. I still haven't seen it though.


par3182 said...

aren't trailers supposed to encourage people to come to the movie? not this one - zzzz

falling asleep in magnolia would be a blessing - anything to escape the most whining, self-indulgent, unlikable characters ever committed to film

and i'd gladly volunteer to crack every copy of punch drunk love in existence if it'd save people from suffering through it

(but i quite like boogie nights though)

JA said...

I thought that was an awesome trailer. Made me even more excited for TWBB.

And I cannot fathom you haven't seen PDL, Glenn. SHAME. Easily my fave PTA movie. And I HATE Adam Sandler, usually.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah, I'm not a Sandler fan and I hated Magnolia so I skipped it back when it was out and then I've just never been motivated enough to see it on DVD and then when I did get it the thing was broken!

I'm obviously not meant to watch it.

adam k. said...

No! Watch it. It's so good. And so unlike Magnolia in every way. I think P.T. should not have tried another epic ensemble drama right after Boogie Nights like that. That was the problem. He'd already done that as well as it could be done. So he HAD to go downhill.

Though I liked Magnolia in general. I just think it's his most problematic film.

I don't know how I feel about this new trailer. It caused no real net change in my wanting to see it. I still will, but I wish the trailer had made me more enthusiastic... that is after all what it's for...

Kamikaze Camel said...

It was strange though because it didn't really feel like a trailer at all.

Magnolia is in the top 20 of my DVD queue so I may get it in the mail soon. I don't even remember most of it I was that tuned out.