June 17, 2007

Blood > Shadows

Ugh! The producers behind the Saw movies are remaking old RKO horror movies including the amazing I Walked With a Zombie. The thought of Jacques Tourneur's scary movie being turned into blood-flowing monster movie is sort of frightening - I still can't bring myself to watch the 1980s remake of one of my all-time truly super-duper favourite movies Cat People, also directed by Tourneur. His movies are all shadows, noises in the distance and suggested horror. What would the Saw people make of that? "No, no, no! More bloody teeth and bloody gushing wounds!"

I also fear that the makers will take the title literally and fill the movie with Dawn of the Dead-remake style action packed zombies. Cause, ya know, there aren't actually any zombies in I Walked With a Zombie. Not the traditional kind anyway - they're zombies via voodoo if I remember correctly.

Below is the original trailer for I Walked With a Zombie. Just 'cause.

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