June 29, 2007

Glenn Sez: The Spice Girls, Mark Ronson, Justice, Rihanna

Hi guys! It's me again with some stuff about music that probably doesn't interest you!!

The Spice Girls are reforming! To celebrate this momentus occasion I decided to list a few things that are better than The Spice Girls so you can guage how supremely hilarious/awesome this news is.

The Sun - Because the sun is pretty awesome if you think about it.

Chinese Takeout - Really! I love Chinese take away food. My dish of choice is the Cashew Beef. Mmmm.

That Episode Of Seinfeld Where Elaine Lived In A Janitor's Closet Just So She Could Get Chinese Takeout - And then the residents of the building made her take the trash to the garbage tip because they thought she was the janitor when really she was just there because the chinese restaurant wouldn't deliver to her side of the street. omglol, right?!

The Secret World of Alex Mack - 5.30 ABC every day was Alex Mack and I loved it!

Loony Guests On Late Night Chat Shows - Like when Crispon Glover was on Letterman.

Tim-Tams - They are the greatest biscuit ever known to mankind.

The Lyric "Ziga-Zig-A" - Let's face it, this is the single greatest lyric in the history of music. Bob Dylan? Pfft. He doesn't know anything about writing lyrics when compared to the awesomeness that is one of the best pop songs ever, "Wannabe".

...and that's about it, really.

Mark Ronson's CD Version has been out in the UK for yonks now, but it's only just come out here and even though I heard it yonks ago too I only really thought of mentioning it now. By now you've surely heard the amazing version of The Smiths' "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before" retitled simply to "Stop Me" and featuring the vocals of Aussie lad Daniel Merriweather. It's the best song on the CD for sure (they sample lyrics by The Supremes!!!) but I am also quite partial to Ronson's version of The Zutons' "Valerie", now with vocals by Amy Winehouse - her voice is so good. And I also quite like "Oh My God", originally by the Kaiser Chiefs, and now by Ronson with Lily Allen. Ronson's version of Britney Spears' amazing James Bond Theme "Toxic" with lyrics redone by the late Ol' Dirty Bastard and Tiggers is truly bizarre and bonkers, but is kind of fun. Definitely have a peek at the album. You may be surprised.

Justice are being buzzed a lot lately as "the new Daft Punk" and it's fair to say that the title is entirely justified. If you haven't heard lead single "D.A.N.C.E." (which sounds like old school Jackson Five mixed with, you betcha, Daft Punk) then GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW. It's actually about him too so it makes sense, really. Outside of that obviously radio friendly single the CD is filled with less in the way of mainstream poppy music and more funky European dance. I am loving "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy" featuring Uffie and "Dvno" fearuing, er, Dvno. It's a pretty great album all up and better than Daft Punk's last CD Human After All (of which I was actually more of a fan than most.)

Lastly, as if all my talk about Rihanna hasn't worn you out: here's more! When I was out on the town last night not only did we hear "Umbrella" multiple times which resuled in the club going off their rocker (seriously, it was like everybody there instantly turned into a pack of feverish rabid... somethings), but they also played "Don't Stop The Music". I originally said that when this song is played in a club it'll make people's heads explode and during this song it was a bloodbath. She still has yet to release "Shut Up and Drive" as her second single, which will be followed by "Don't Stop the Music" as the third. If they're already playing it in clubs then it's going to be huge.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, this is a farewell tour. They went their mediocre ways some 10 years ago, the world said goodbye and they are now just doing their farewell tour especially when the world has come to realise that only one of them can carry a tune and only just? Who missed them, again?

Kamikaze Camel said...

People who liked it when pop music ruled the charts and popstars had personality (literally).

This is like a proper farewell tour to coincide with a greatest hits album. I don't think anybody wants a new album by them.

This is purely for nostalgia.

I mean, if The Police can do it then so can the freakin' Spice Girls.

J.D. said...

Victoria Beckham is plastic, that pic proves it!

JA said...

I will never stop laughing at Victoria Beckham in this series of reunion pics. Never. I am going to literally laugh until I dehydrate to death.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Posh is the great robot/human hybrid of all time. No joke.

Kamikaze Camel said...


J.D. said...

Wait -- she's part human?!? Why didn't anyone tell me this before!?