June 30, 2007

Completely Uninformed Inconsequential Ridiculously Early Oscar Mumbo Jumbo

Because I'm bored, folks.

BEST PICTURE: There Will Be Blood
Because I just think that they could go a bit batshit crazy this year. Plus, nothing else except Atonement was leaping out at me, and...

BEST DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will Be Blood
because I see them rewarding Anderson here more than Joe Wright and they reward Pic/Dir together more times than not.

BEST ACTOR: Daniel Day Lewis, There Will Be Blood
Because he's the finest actor of this generation and I don't see why two Oscars nearly 20 years apart is such a big ask.

BEST ACTRESS: Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Because I think in a battle between Blanchett (recently Oscared as she is) and Julie Christie that Blanchett's is more LOOK AT ME (although, I've obviously seen neither) and, thus, more will remember her (especially since Away From Her will be old on DVD by the time of voting).

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men
Because I think he'll be this year's steamroller contender. Plus, remember the way people reacted to the lump of puddy on Nicole Kidman's nose in The Hours? Those people will be the same with Bardem and his hair, trust me.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Susan Sarandon, In the Valley of Elah
Because she's a legend and I'm sure they'll have no qualms about awarding her again despite being allergic to awarding her earlier in her career. Plus, it's a Paul Haggis film and, hello, they love him.

Because they can.

Because it may be their best opportunity to reward Todd Haynes plus they rewarded the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind screenplay so they're not adverse to structurally absurd writings.

COSTUME: Elizabeth: The Golden Age
EDITING: Atonement
VIS. EFFECTS: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
MAKE UP: Sweeny Todd
SCORE: Atonement
SONG: Hairspray
SOUND: The Golden Compass
SOUND ED.: Ratatouille
ANIMATED: Ratatouille

...there was absolutely no logic to any of that.


J.D. said...

Byrne better win for Costume Design for the travesty of the fact she didn't win for the original.

RC said...

i love your lump of puddy comment.

watching the blood preview i just couldn't picture the translation to best pic.

although pt for director i can see.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I wasn't sure about it either, but I don't see them going all British with Atonement, nor does Joe Wright seem like a Sam Mendes type even though he's extremely talented, I don't see them rewarding him so early.

But then, I don't see them giving the prize to stuff like Reservation Road or American Gangster or Michael Clayton or No Country For Old Men or Sweeny Todd or I'm Not There or... well, you get the picture. TWBB feels different and unique and it's period setting and people involved give it class and they've already given PTA two nominations in the past for his writing.

But, as I said, it's not exactly scientific.