June 23, 2007

3.5 Hours of AMAZING!!

If you are lucky enough to live in the wonderful country of Australia and you have access to Network Ten on Sunday afternoon (tomorrow!) then I suggest you get into prime sitting position on your couch or in your bed under the covers, put the electric blanket on or get a hot water bottle or something (it's cold these hardy days of Winter), make yourself some microwave popcorn and settle in for three and a half hours of AMAZING.

Starting at 1.30pm we have Xanadu - that famous rollerskating musical that starred Olivia Newton John and a scary looking Gene Kelly and whole lotta greek muses. Once that's over and done with at 3.10pm we get Mariah Carey's big screen opus Glitter, making it's television premiere! That finishes an hour and 50 minutes later at 5pm to conclude the three and a half hours of AMAZING!

Seriously. You have neon-infused Greek muses, painted record covers, rollerskates and a competition between and old band and a new band - and that's just Xanadu. Then in Glitter you get Mariah carey having issues with her pet cat, mysterious ever-changing makeup and the greatest scene of all time when Mariah's character writes the lyrics to a song and on the other side of town her ex boyfriend writes the music at the same time. It's amazing!!!


J.D. said...

And the Razzie Board is vomiting as we speak!

Barry said...

woohoo! GLITTER!!! hahahaha