June 23, 2007

Stale, exactly

There's a reason my blog is called Stale Popcorn. It's because most of the stuff I post under the title of "news" has usually already been posted at other far more glamorous blogs and sites across the internet neverworld. So, it is with this information in mind that I bring you the first image from Spike Jonze's 2008 release of Where the Wild Things Are, which you have surely already seen in a dozen different places (I, personally, got it from MNPP).

Where the Wild Things Are is probably going to be my #1 or #2 antipated title of next year. Can't wait. Plus it was filmed in Melbourne! I love that Angus Sampson is in it as, surely, one of the monsters. Eep.

Anyway, enjoy.


Dave said...

Well I hadn't seen it. But then I hadn't even heard of the movie- which just shows how foolish I am. *hangs head*

JA said...

Did you just, in a roundabout fashion, call lil ol me more glamorous than lil ol you? What you been smokin, Glenn?