May 15, 2007


Seriously. Hugh Jackman. STOP PLAYING WITH MY MIND! Thanks to Ja for compiling these images from JustJared of Hugh on the set of Australia. I am blatantly stealing them, but whatever. There are also some lovely pictures of Nicole Kidman (with Keith Urban in a few) such as the one to the left.

And because Hugh Jackman is always better with clothes off rather than on, dlisted has some photos of Hugh at Bondi. I really need to move there. He always seems to be shirtless around that place!

Seriously. SEXY. AS. FUCK.

Also, the Brisbane Times has an article about Baz Luhrmann's reaction to the recent overhaul of Australian film funding, which I previously discussed here. The news is really all good for the Australian industry. Here's hoping we really can start making more large-scale films (obviously not the size of Australia and it's $100mil budget) that will reach more people both here and overseas.


Marius said...

Yeah, he is a very sexy man. What makes him even more desirable is his personality. He just seems like a nice guy.

rural juror said...

Those pants are deliciously tight

JA said...

I never could've guessed that my posting those images would've caught your attention, Glenn. ;-)

Paxton Hernandez said...

Seriously. SEXY. AS. FUCK.

LOL.hahahahaha! There goes my laughter for the day! = D

That's a thing I always admire of you and Nathe, you are not afraid of speaking you thoughts out loud haha...

On the other hand, if I did something like this in my blog, dunno, with Scar Jo or La Watts, half of the female readers would be offended and would not come to visit me again = )