May 15, 2007

The worst of the worst

I came across this delightful YouTube montage at Table of Malcontents. It's a collection of clips titled "The Worst Movies Ever". It is presented under such illustrious title as "Worst Death Scene" (Enter the Ninja), "Worst Stunt" (Unknown Indian Movie), "Worst Reaction" (Troll 2), "Worst Acting Ever" (Silent Night, Deadly Night 2), "Most Random Line Ever" and "Worst CGI" (both Shark Attack 3).

I'm sure it's just the selected clips, but damn, I sort of want to see these movies. Especially Shark Attack 3! "How about I take you home and eat your..." you can suss out the rest. It looks hilarious. As does Troll 2. "They're eating her! And then they're gonna eat me! Oh My GOOOOOOOOD!!!" And seriously, any movie that has a horse slide under a truck surely has some redeeming values, right?

Oh, but there's more! In part 2 we get "Worst Fight Scene" (Undefeatable), "Worst Scene in a Superhero Movie" (Spider-Man 3), "Most Random Scene Ever" (Cabin Fever) and "Worst Arnie Acting" (Kindergarten Cop).

This time I've actually seen three of the movies. While I'm sure there are worst scenes in worse superhero movies, but damn if that ridiculous Saturday Night Fever scene from Spider-Man 3 wasn't just downright awful. And, yes, the Cabin Fever scene is quite stupid and random. I didn't like that movie at all, but I remember being really confused at that part. Like, wtf? Why is he yelling "Pancakes" and doing kung-fu? Enjoy.

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