May 15, 2007

Inland Empire, WWII, Time Travel and the Oscars

Seriously. I have the most crazy dreams. Last night I basically dreamt and entire movie. It was about this family during WWII (a pretty WWII if you can imagine) of four kids who had been seperated from their parents and then they finally find their parents and it turns out the father is a genius scientist who had invented a time travel device that would send people five years into the future. But it can only send four!

Thing is I woke up and started to write it all down, but several hours later I realised that too was a dream because I woke up and I had no notes. Crazy. It felt so weird.

I also dreamt that me and some friends went to the Academy Awards but it was more like the MTV awards because we were in a moshpit as some no-name singer performed a song with a choir and then Ellen and Justin Timberlake came out and introduced Meryl Streep.

I also dreamt that Inland Empire was out at the movies over a month early and I was really excited until I awoke and realised, no. No it's not.

My brain hates me sometimes.


J.D. Judge said...

Are you sure I didn't have this dream and you were dreaming it? 'Cause that sounds a lot like a dream I had 3 weeks ago... WTF?!? You know, without IE, but with a family in WWII, time travel, thinking I'm awake, and the Oscars, but it also had nuclear warfare, Tom Brokaw, and Nausicaa + Ashitaka (Miyazaki heroes, duh). It scared the hell out of me, like I assume this description is doing now.

Kamikaze Camel said...