May 17, 2007

Attention Madonna Fans

I'm sure you're all well aware of this by now, but you can download the new Madonna song "Hey You" for free by clicking here. It's limited time (seven days), so I'm sure you will make it in time.

What are your thoughts?

Personally, I think it is sort of rubbish (it's a charity single afterall and those are rarely good), but there are bits are pieces that I really like. I think the chorus is quite nice actually, where she sort of speeds up the vocal delivery. The "Keep it together you'll make it alright. A celebration is going on tonight." part. Although any time she says "Hey you!" I wanna smash my speakers with a mallet. "Hey you! Save yourself! Don''t rely on anyone else!" particularly makes me wanna heave. The "Hey You" parts sound like a bad song parody with an accompanying video of her stretched out her arm and opening her palm before bowing her head down and moving her arm to her side. Did that make sense?

Sounds perhaps like it would have been a b side to her Like a Prayer album. And she had a lot of b sides back then, a lot of which were rightfully b sides.

I wanna know why the .zip file has so many freakin' folders to go through. And why does Madonna look like an Olsen twin on the Live Earth download page. Seriously I am hating that hair. Get it out of your face, Madge.


Adem IAR said...

Can we blame Pharell? I don't actually mind this at all, mind. I'm sure that has nothing to with its greatness and more to do with my bias though.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah, if this were by anybody else I'd immediately dismiss it as rubbish.

Doesn't sound even remotely Pharell though, so it could've been worse!

Adem IAR said...

The marching drums are a bit him though. Still, like you said, it could've been worse: we could have had a duet...

rickyr1983 said...

The song is pretty crap and her voice sounds mechanical. But hey, here's a video montage of a clip of the song with Madonna dancing with poor African children. Maybe that'll make the song sound better: