May 18, 2007

Glenn Sez: Cicada, Feist, Ultra Nate

Hi! Glenn here. Your (not-so) friendly Stale Popcorn blogger. I'm here to tell you my thoughts on some of the stuff happening in the music world right now. One of which is the new (well, sort of) CD by Cicada (yeah, I don't know why they're named after a noisy insect either). I'm here to warn you. Do not buy it. Don't go into the music store and contemplate it. Don't go onto iTunes and think "Oh, why not?" Don't even download it illegally. It's rubbish. It's also frightfully depressing for a so-called dance record. I had to turn it off by track five and then when I went back to it a day later I just couldn't continue after track seven. It's atrocious. I flicked through the rest of it and it doesn't get much better, but self-torturing my ears isn't fun y'all.

I got this dreadful waste of space free, thank god, so that you don't have to get it all! Follow my advice and you'll be better for it!

The new Feist CD is a tad twee, don't you think? A lil' bit cutesy-moopsy? I do like that "Sealion" song though. Mainly because it doesn't sound twee or cutest-moopsy at all, and that's a good thing! If twee cutesy-moopsy Canadians are your bag (honestly?) then I suppose you'll like it.

Lastly, that ridiculously amazing Ultra Nate remake of "Automatic" is the greatest thing in the history of Pointer Sister remakes, and the video clip is the gayest thing you're ever likely to see on YouTube. Seriously though, who hasn't thought about masturbating to euro-trance cover versions of Pointer Sisters songs? Can any one person say that has never crossed their mind? Remember: You're only lying to yourself if you deny it.

Thank you for your time. You've been great.




J.D. Judge said...

"Mushaboom" is awesome, and that's all I'll say. :D

Kamikaze Camel said...

Actually, yes. It is quite awesome. But "Mushaboom" isn't on the new CD unfortunately.

J.D. Judge said...

Well, obviously, lol. I'll probably download the album and give it a try.

Kamikaze Camel said...

It makes absolutely no impression at all. I'll try it again when I go to write about it though.