May 2, 2007

2006 UMA Preface

This year's UMA awards will be presented in a different way from the previous ones. It's my aim to try and make these look as good as I possibly can. They will be set out in six different lots, which will make it easier to link to in the future. The design is also much more different and it will include pictures of the nominees and text and it'll hopefully look much funkier.

The six sections will include a rundown of my Top 10 of the year, then one entry for the worst of the year, one entry for the eight major categories (Picture, Director, the four acting categories and two screenwriting categories), one entry for the rest of the Oscar-type awards and then two entries again for the other fun awards. I aim to redo the previous years in that way as well whenever I get around to it.

In this introductory piece I will lay down the law, which I've already laid down before: Don't blame me for not seeing certain movies. Besides, unlike most Americans, I had a whole swag of Australian films to see. The 2006 UMAs are the result of seeing roughly 110 movies from 2006 so I think I should be forgiven for not seeing Halfnelson or The Painted Veil or Sherrybaby (those last two of which don't even have release dates in Australia) or, heaven forbid, Blood Diamond. If I do see these movies in the future (I intend to, except for Blood Diamond) then I will edit the awards as such (I'm not a stickler for that sort of stuff) and let you know, but until then they don't exist (except for Desplat's Veil score which I own so I am including).

There are still one categories that I don't know who is winning - Best Costume Design. It's between three but I can't for the life of me pick one to be the winner. I think I'll just make the decision when it comes to posting it. Eep.

So, I hope you all enjoy the show when it starts, as soon as I can be bothered (tonight?) We'll see. I'm a tad under the weather right now so I might wait until tomorrow, but who knows. Now, continue doing what you were doing.


Judge ヨセフの学部長 said...

Uh, you posted two posts. Just wanted to let you know.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Had already picked that up, but thanks.

What happened to your name?

Dave said...

Hey Glenn- for all I know you're aware of this, but I stumbled across page and I know it's your words, so I thought you'd like to be made aware of it should you not already be.

Looking forward to the awards, too.

Dave said...

Oops. Sorry around the link elongation.

Judge ヨセフの学部長 said...

Yes, you mean the Japanese? That's my name, J.D. Judge, in Japanese. Awesome, isn't it? And concerning the theiving a-holes, that is disturbing. This is, what, the fourth time I've seen one of your stolen posts? Sickening.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Judge, I only see "judge" and then seven square boxes. I guess my comp doesn't have a Japanese language on it to recognise the characters.

Judge ヨセフの学部長 said...

Ohh, okay that makes sense. Japanese is something a lot of computers don't have automaticall, obviously lol. Well, here's what it looks like, in case you'd like to see how insane I am. Maybe I should change it, maybe to Polish... lol.