April 4, 2007


Nothing for you today. I have work and I'm very sick (but I need the $$$ so no sick days for me) so I'm not going to have the energy. But, to celebrate the DVD release today of not only my favourite television series of all time (the second season of Twin Peaks is finally released) but also my favourite movie of all time (All That Jazz comes out in a brand new special edition) I give you two YouTube clips.

The first is one of the single scariest moments ever, and it's from the Twin Peaks pilot. I remember seeing this for the first time on grainy VHS over five years ago (after seeing Mulholland Drive I went on a David Lynch spree) and it terrified me. Trust David Lynch to make even a traffic light ominous. But, the truly scary bit is... well. I'm not really sure what it is. But it sends shivers up my spine. Grace Zabriskie's screams are just so... loud. Don't whatever you do go to the clip's page and click on ANY of the other clips down the side though. They will ruin the mystery of Who Killed Laura Palmer.

The second clip is a song from All That Jazz. It's the big final number with Roy Scheider and Bob Vereen. Don't watch it if you don't want the ending spoiled. I guess you won't even know what's going on for most of it though.

How crazy is it that Twin Peaks and All That Jazz are released on the same day? I had pre-ordered them off Amazon so they should be arriving in a week or so. EEP!


Paxton Hernandez said...

WTF?! Is there an Aussie Amazon??? Oh, ye people of the First World...

I hate you Glenn = )

Kamikaze Camel said...

No... there's no Aussie Amazon. I bought them from America. I can play American DVDs and it's cheaper to get them from over there anyway.