April 13, 2007

Damn, Sigourney!

I adore Sigourney Weaver. I cherish her. I covet her. I wish she was in every movie ever made... well, I wouldn't go that far (can you imagine Sigourney in The Da Vinci Code?). But, yes, I just love her so much. I was reading an article at the New York Observer but the very first thing my eyes darted to was the delicious and lusy image you see to your right (click to watch it grow). Yowza! Sigourney is smokin' in that picture. I'm not sure if that is a new image or an older one (she sure don't look 57!) but no matter when it was taken, it's a fine picture don't you think?

In relation to what the article is about for a part, James Cameron's Avatar... well, really, this is going to be an experience. I can't wait to see what tricks Cameron has up his sleeve. I just hope more Aussie cinemas are equipt with 3D by 2009. I was hunting around to see where Meet the Robinsons was playing in 3D and there's a whole massive total of four cinemas in the state. FOUR. Crazy. The illusion of being able to touch the film's star, Sam Worthington, will be an added bonus.

I hope that Sigourney is about to kickstart a big massive career comeback (after years in little-seen indies and a few lame big movies). That stretch she had in the '80s is pretty darn prolific - Aliens, Gorillas in the Mist, Ghostbusters, Working Girl to name some, three of which she recieved Oscar nods for. But she remains, much like that other Queen of the '80s Glenn Close, Oscarless. :(

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SamuraiFrog said...

I don't know, I think Sigourney Weaver playing the Ian McKellen role in The Da Vinci Code might've gone a long way towards making it more enjoyable. But that kind of casting would be creative, and this WAS a Ron Howard movie...