April 13, 2007

How Smart

I'd hate the idea of a Get Smart movie it it weren't for the fact that it appears to be so perfectly cast. this USA Today article discusses the new film and how it'll play modern and not retro (like, say, the dire Starsky & Hutch film). The film will surely still turn out to be a hunk-a-junk, but I tellsya, don't Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway just look so right for these parts? Hopefully they won't include the romance storyline that the television series added after a while because I don't want to see Carell and Hathaway snogging, thank you very much. So, yeah, hopefully this turns out more like The Brady Bunch Movie and less like The Mod Squad.

...man, The Brady Bunch Movie is so awesome.


J.D. Judge said...

How do know this will automatically suck? My Annie is in it. And Starsky & Hutch wasn't that bad. When does this come out anyway? Puppies are cute.

adam k. said...

I didn't know this was happening. Steve Carrell can do no wrong and does indeed seem great for the part, but I feel like there were better people than Anne Hathaway. Still, it may well be good; I'll give it a shot.

Why Steve Carrell doesn't already have two globe nominations and an oscar nod for his film work, I will never understand. Hopefully this will get him some recognition.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I have a feeling Evan Almight will be an almight wrong, but we'll see.

JD, I don't automatically think it'll suck, but the facts show that a lot of these tv-adaptations are bad. I really really don't like Starksy & Hutch, Mod Squad and Charlies Angels 2 and there was another but I think it was so bad that I blocked it out entirely.