March 26, 2007

Joan + God

I hadn't seen this wonderful clip on YouTube before. It's of Bruce Springsteen (aka God) performing "Light of Day" (from the Paul Schrader film of the same name) with Joan Jett. It's a kickarse song and these two perform the hell out of it.

It's my goal to see Bruce in concert sometime in my time (well, let's be honest, his. he's a bit older than me). If all goes accordingly his next album should be on the bigger rockier side (he usually does a rock album then a smaller bluesier album and then back to the rock) and considering his last two have been on the small intimate side of things (Devils & Dust was a stunner though, wasn't it? "Reno" is so so so great) then hopefully his next will be the type of album he does a big studio tour for and if that happens (and it comes to Australia, hi Madonna!) then I'm gonna do my darndest to go. Please Bruce, do it for me!

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