March 26, 2007

Fully Sick (no, really)

That title heading will be lost of a large number of readers, but 'tev. So, entries have been slow the last couple of days because I've been incredibly sick (I didn't even touch the computer yesterday, and that means it was bad), but I'm on the mend now so that's a good thing. In fact, compared to yesterday, I'm feeling positively spritely (if that's even a word). Anyway. I've updated my sidebar with new movie viewings and such.

One of the movies I watched recently (in the miscellaneous viewings) was Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (thanks for Adam from Crumb by Crumb for the hookup). The banned 1987 Todd Haynes film about Carpenter's singer Karen Carpenter. I was telling my friend Georgie about it and then just casually dropped into the convo that the film (all 43 minutes of it) is "acted" entirely (well, mostly) out of Barbie dolls. As soon as I said it I turned around and walked off. When I returned a minute later she was still a bit confused. But it's great. Watch it. But, er, I guess we're not meant to discuss it and keep it all hush hush right? Cause it's banned. Right?

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