March 1, 2007

Holy Late Night Infomercial, Batman!

Holy shit! So, I had just finished watching a certain movie that I will discuss tomorrow (it is 3.30am, but it was a long movie alright?!), and I turned off my DVD player and on came one of those late night informercials that suck the life out of viewers. I used to love these, but not anymore. My favourite was always the ones for that weird cooking pot that allowed you to throw water, dry rice and chicken inside it, pop on the lid, put it in the freezer and then you'd come back to it 30 minutes later and it would be cooked. Crazy, right? But the best thing about it was that they starred the cast of The Mommies, that short-lived sitcom about two women who were, like, permanantly pregnant. The show was so popular it doesn't even have a cast list at IMDb and there aren't any pictures of it on Google. Sadface. The Mommies wasn't very funny but the informercial was. LOL. And then there were the customer testimonials. "I could cook chilli in the bottom and a cake on top! And all while I take the kids to soccer practice!" Yeah, it had a lid that could BAKE A CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!


So, i flicked on to this infomercial for Windsor Pilates and holy shit! It had Virginia Madsen endorsing it. And then Elle McPherson! And then Danny Glover! And then Melanie Griffiths, which wasn't as exciting. But then Patrick Duffy explained how it helped his GOLF SWING! Like, whoa, right?! That's amazing! Right? They said "Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen"!!! WTF? For Melanie Griffith they had a bar down the bottom that just said "Working Girl, Mother", which I found amusing to no end.


So, OMG, upon further investigation, it turns out the two stars of The Mommies are these two women who are famous (were famous, perhaps?) for, um, being pregnant, I think. LOL.

Man. I really wanna watch that infomercial again. I swear I watched that thing, like, 500 times when it was in regular circulation. I'd stay up all night just mesmerised by it. It would end and start up all over again and I'd still be sitting there. I mean, you could COOK PASTA IN THE FREEZER WHILE WORKING OUT!?! How does that not fascinate you?!

Umm... so, it's 4am now. I need to go to sleep. If I can. I'm not even tired.

If that informercial was on right now I'd watch it so much.

PS; I'm not drunk, but I'd think I was if I were you.

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Oh my god, I remember the mommies they where a comedy team of some sort. I never caught the show but I do remember them.