March 1, 2007

A sure fire way to make by day

So, I think I've heard to single greatest pop song of the last two years. Definitely the best since "Biology" by Girls Aloud. It's un-freakin'-believable! It single-handedly trumps pretty much every song I heard last year. I've literally been listening to it for the last hour non-stop and last night I listened to it about 20 times in a row.

It's deliriously thrilling! It's got cowbells! It's got guitars! It's got the singer actually singing the song to herself with spoken word segments!!! It's got the lyric "I'm driving fast / I feel so fine / I've got Prince singin' 'Hot Thing' to me / I know every line"! It's one big celebrity diss! It got another lyric that goes "Don't panic panic / Don't act too manic manic". It has a minute-long instrumental bit at the end! "You're a sure fire way to ruin my day"! It sounds retro AND futuristic! The artist's name is in the title of the song!

It's like they took everything that was great about Annie's "Chewing Gun", Space Cowboy's "My Egyptian Lover" and Basement Jaxx's "Good Luck" and then injected the unreleased techno soundtrack of a futuristic sci-fi rip-off of Kill Bill!

Holy crap, this song is brilliant.

Naturally though, America would be fuckin' terrified of it. Thank god we still have Europe to make amazing pop and dance music. The song isn't perfect, but I don't think I'm listening to the final version, either. It's just so amazing. Every time it ends I just click it again. It's gonna be at over 100 listens by the end of 24 hours. That's how unbelievably awesome it is.

I don't think I should pass on the file though because it's very illegal and it's not released until May, I think. Oops. Hopefully I won't be worn out by it.

Oh man, I just realised how scarily gobsmackingly stunning the remixes are going to be. WOW. This one's gonna be a biggie.

And yes, I realise I haven't even mentioned the name or who it's by. ; )

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AMMONART25 said...

Gimme a bloody clue at least! Solo artist or band? Male or female? Superstar or kind of well known?
Just a hint is all i'm asking for :-)