February 28, 2007

Hugh Jackman Goes to the Oscars!

So, I was going to do a fashion rundown thing but, you know what? I CAN'T BE BUGGARED! But, this is me we're talking about and who am I to miss an opportunity to show pictures of Hugh Jackman looking dapper in a sexy tux? He's so yummy. And yes, I did crop out Deborra-Lee Furness. She's already gotten enough attention from me. You can click all the pictures (including the one to the left) to make them grow. Pics were from Just Jared. His archive of Oscar pics is huge

*dies after succumbing to Hugh's sexiness*


adam k. said...

"looing dapper in a sexy tux"


Kamikaze Camel said...
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Kamikaze Camel said...

At first I thought you were laughing at a typo, but then I realised I hadn't done a typo.

Whenever I think of guys wearing tuxedo's the word "dapper" comes up way too much for my liking.