February 28, 2007

Jindabyne International

From Ionacinema (via IMP) comes the American poster for Ray Lawrence's Jindabyne. To be honest, all of the posters have been blah. I suppose there's not much you can really do for a movie like this one. Anyway. Enjoy. It reminds me of a poster for Breaking and Entering.


Mike Scott said...

I like the poster.

More than I can say for the film.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I hate you.

The end.

Dave said...

That poster is okay, but I hope the film is better. I'm really looking forward to it (Laura Linney!).

Ali said...

Not bad at all. Like you say, it's not like there are many ways to sell this film. I think it encapsulates the mood and texture quite well.