February 11, 2007


So, I'm having another tiff with Kris from In Contention (criticising him = sorta funny cause he does not react well at all) and I thought I'd update you about the last one we had.


Phew. Good to know other countries don't get the chance to see these movies. For maybe a few months after that first little argument I thought my point would be PROVEN WRONG! But, no! Aussie distributers continue to amaze me. Now Kris can attend his Hollywood parties with crabcakes knowing he saw Infamous before most people. Of course there were those people (aka, "everyone else") who saw it before him, which I'm sure still shocks and appals him to this very day. Scary, huh?

edit: Okay, so, I loved Kris' latest reply.

It is just you.

I'm giving you a space to read about what's happening inside. It's about pulling back the mystery and giving these people a face for the readership to be a little closer. It's what I've always tried to do and what I'll continue to do.

Take it or leave it.

"pulling back the mystery"? LOL. He was discussing crabcakes and how Guillermo Navarro reminds him of Alexandre Desplat. Big fuckin' mystery that is. Maybe if he overheard some stuff or if he discussed the actual conversations he had with these people then it'd be good, but just having someone talk about a party they were at isn't really interesting (He was there. ooh! And she was there too, but so-and-so wasn't and then I laughed at a joke and I had a drink and then I went to the bathroom! And then I saw somebody I know but didn't actually talk to them.)

He really needs to learn to handle criticism better if he wants to be a writer.


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Anonymous said...
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Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh my god, that is the longest spam ever.

DL said...

Lol, Kris Tapley seems like such a loser. Keep up the pointing out of all his flaws, it's super entertaining!!

Bruno Packer said...

Update. Inland Empire is getting released in Mexico, February 21st. Fck yeah!

Glenn there's an option in blogger to reduce spam. Try to use it! Spam is living hell!!!!!!!

Kris said...

I gave you the last word over there, but gotta call you out for being quite out of line over here.

Basically, like I said, you didn't criticize anything. You whined about inside talk, and honestly, if you don't like reading about parties don't read the site. I'm sorry you feel so out of touch in Oz, Camel, but that doesn't mean you get to demote and tear down the ponderings and innocent blog commentary of others when there is no cause. That sort of stuff is reserved for AICN talkbackers and Poland/Wells fanboy hatersmore often than not.

And now you've got material for your blog, which seems to have been, I can only assume, your point. But believe me, I can "take criticism." You don't write in the entertainment industry without thick skin, and I seem to be doing just fine.

I'll close by just offering this. Any time you have VALID criticism regarding what I write that isn't some sideways attack at the usage of an individual's name or the casual comment that I had not gotten around to seeing a film the rest of my film criticism/commentary bretheren had already seen (you totally misunderstand what that was all about...you've, in fact, made it much bigger than it actually was), feel free to let me have it.

And yes, I read your site from time to time.

Happy Monday.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I admit to maybe going a bit too far on here, but I was trying to still remain respectful to you and your blog in my comments to you (it is your site after all), but felt you were not respecting me as a reader. That's why I was getting really angry towards the end.

If you do read my blog from time to time (a blog that is purely for fun and with no semblence of being anything else unlike yours) you would know I have linked to your site many times. And surely you do realise that 95% of the comments left on your blog are not negative and are on occasion quite glowing. So when you say I am being "a nuisance as usual" you kinda gotta expect me to get snappy.

I'll keep reading your site because I do like it (especially Gerard's tech stuff) but considering how even if I reply "I liked such and such a movie" you apparently think I'm being a nuisance and being deliberately negative, I'll refrain from commenting. I'm sure you're delighted.

(You'll notice, I'm still trying to be civil and respectful, when I really owe no curtosy to you at all.)

Kris said...

Not delighted at all, but sorry I hurt your feelings all the same.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Kamikaze Camel said...

Well I suppose that's something, Kris. Thanks.

Anon... huh? Is "Message" like "Word" and I'm just out of the loop, or...