January 25, 2007

Tom Cruise = Christ. NO BULLSHIT!

Click the picture to your left to read one of the funniest things of this short year so far. It's a pisser. I read it in today's Herald Sun. Not only is Tom Cruise a scientology Christ figure, but judging from that photo he's in pre-production on a sequel to Coneheads. That's nice of him. Dan Ackroyd needs a hit these days.

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Anonymous said...


This story, from a “report” by one of England’s worst tabloids “The Sun”, is a serious crock of sh!t.

It is also harmful, libelous and foments incorrect notions about my religion Scientology so as to cause strife and intolerance.

In actual fact, nobody within the Church of Scientology considers themselves to be “Christ-like” – this would be a very inappropriate and arrogant comment and I’m sure you can see how this is being used only to antagonize Christians everywhere.

We Scientologists appreciate Tom Cruise’s efforts as a spokesperson of many of our Church’s initiatives. But he’s just an actor, holds no rank within our Church, and is by NO MEANS a “prophet” – and I am certain he himself would be embarrassed at the thought.

The “Sun” is lying. You can see the Church’s official statement here: http://news.bostonherald.com/letters/view.bg?articleid=179702

Please get in touch with the Church’s Media Relations department, at http://www.scientologytoday.org/Contacts/index.htm

Thank you.

Greg Churilov,
Scientology Parishioners League

PS: By the way, you might remember that, before he dared speak out against Big Pharma, Tom Cruise was a generally well-liked actor. If you think about it, standing on a couch is not *that* big a deal. The fact is that the drug companies have engaged in a whisper campaign of character assassination on this actor. And with good reason: since Cruise spoke out, sales of Ritalin are down 21% in USA, sales of Paxil are now banned in the UK by the UK FDA, and the U.S. FDA requires blackbox labels on all antidepressants. And Big Pharma is mad, their pockets have taken the hit.