January 25, 2007

Joe Speaks The Truth!

So, Joe's opinions are pretty spot on today in relation to the Oscar nominations. I chose a few quotes for y'all.

"The big news is the Dreamgirls snub, which some people are going to say they saw coming all along, but very, very few of them will have actually predicted."

So many people will come out of the woodworks saying they didn't think it would get nominated all along. Those people are idiots.

"[Dreamgirls] wasn't one of my favorite movies this year, but I'm sad to see it snubbed nonetheless. In a year when I don't care what wins Best Picture, it was at least a contender I could feel good about winning."

Exactly. I didn't have a love for Dreamgirls like I did for other recent musicals like Moulin Rouge! and to a lesser degree Chicago, but if Dreamgirls was the so-called frontrunner and the Best Picture winner in waiting that would actually go on to win the prize, then I wouldn't have had an issue. I don't care that it wasn't nominated, because I like three of the other nominees (don't like Babel and haven't seen Letters from Iwo Jima along with the rest of the planet), but still... I dunno. I feel odd about it.

"You know, the worst thing about the nominations this morning was the realization that I'm going to have to see Blood Diamond now. Dammit!"

Tell me about it! It got five nominations so I feel as if I have to see it now. Maybe I'll see it with my dad (he'd probably like it) and I won't have to actually pay for a ticket. Blah.

"You know, the biggest disappointment of the morning? The realization that the Dreamgirls snub means less chance of seeing Ellen Degeneres in a bouffant wig and sparkly gown side-by-side with Beyonce. I'd have killed for that. What's she gonna do for Letters From Iwo Jima, you know?"

Teehee. Very true. What is Ellen going to do for any of the nominated movies, really? Iwo Jima and Babel especially. Hmmph. I trust Ellen to be able to come up with something as hilarious as "Our next performer needs no introduction" *walks of stage*


adam k. said...

I'm quite glad Dreamgirls was snubbed, cause I thought it was the worst of the 5 likelies, and cause I take major major issue with a lot of it, and just cause I liked the surprise.

But seriously, Dreamgirls DID NOT belong in that lineup. It's mediocre. I found it more entertaining the second time when I was able to just take it for what it was, but it's just so shallow and badly orchestrated (literally), and the script is awful. And the sudden intrustion of stagey non-backstage musical numbers was sloppy and ill-planned. And the "It's All Over" scene was just, well, embarrassing, IMHO.

I kept feeling throughout the film like Condon was too afraid of his stars and their clout to just tell them, "no, that wasn't good enough, try it a different way." That's a director's JOB.

It all just looked rushed and stitched together, like no one really cared about making it great.

Phew. Anyway. Yes, Joe's quips were quite entertaining.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, I would prefer Dreamgirls over that ridiculous twallop that was Babel any day of the week.