January 15, 2007

Hard pill to swallow

So, I just watched Hard Candy. Touch watch, I must say. Very interesting though, and well made I think. It's clearly just another in a line of non-traditional horror movies from 2006. For people who aren't aware of what this movie, I won't spoil it (although, it's very confronting), but those who have, y'all know what I mean when I say that scene was one of the most uncomfortable moments all year. The moments leading up to it were just... cover-the-eyes scary. I gotta say that, as much as I thought she was great, Helen Mirren is all but out of my top 5 actresses of the year now that I've seen Ellen Page in this movie. What a knockout! So, yeah, Hard Candy? I can't exactly say it was a great watch, but it was executed with fine skill and I think it's definitely a film that, if you think you can stomach it, is one that you should seek it - if for no other reason than to be able to say you've seen it when in 20 years time it's seen as one of those films that sits notoriously on the bottom shelf at Blockbuster. B-

LOL! EDIT! The Mother came home and saw me watching one of the featurettes on the DVD and she was all "Oh heavens, what on earth is this?" and I told her and she decided to sit down and watch the movie and just now I walked out of my room and she said she "loved" the movie. Like... huh? That's hilarious. The Mother has strange tastes. She actually said "Oh you do bring home some odd movies sometimes" and then she watches them and she likes them. Unless they have subtitles. The Mother gets a headache from reading them so fast. The end.

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JavierAG said...

Glenn, why does Ellen Page look like Cameron Bright in that picture?

ps: your mother rocks.