January 15, 2007

Golden Globe Predictions

Umm... so I don't really care about the Globes. I mean, I do is that I'm totally excited to watch the very first televised awards show of the year. Well, the first for us, I know those lucky Americans got the, *laughs*, Broadcast Film Critics Asosciation awards - LOL. We weren't so lucky.

But, um, yeah, I dunno. I haven't seen Dreamgirls (out here Thursday), Little Children or Bobby and my favourite film out of those nominated for Best Picture is The Devil Wears Prada (so it'll be great to, hopefully, see Meryl Streep take Best Actress). But, I dunno, most of the films I'm gunzo about aren't nominated - the United 93s and the Children of Mens.

Titles like The Queen, The Departed, Little Miss Sunshine and especially Babel don't rouse enough excitement in me. I like them all well enough (except for Babel, which I'm starting to like less and less as the viewing passes from my memory), but... yeah. Plus, the Globes weren't as excitingly off-centre this year. The only awards I hope go to certain people are Best Actress Musical/Comedy (Streep), Best Original Score (Desplat or Mansell PLEASE!), Foreign Language Film (Volver) and Animated Film (Happy Feet). I know Mirren is winning Best Actress Drama although I'd love a Penelope Cruz upset, but it ain't happening unfortunately. I've only seen one nominee from Best Actor Drama and only two from each Best Actress category.

See, maybe if distributors would freakin' release movies down here I would be more excited. I may really want Dreamgirls to win. Or I might be hoping and preying for a Ben Affleck suprise (anything but Jack or Brad is alright by me). And I'm fairly sure Letters from Iwo Jima will win Foreign Language Film, but I really hope it doesn't just because it's an American film.

Ugh. Best Director is probably the category that peeves me off the most. Two noms for Clint is, in every way, excessive. Flags does not deserve to be there. Inarritu? INA-FUCKIN-RRITU? He directed that thing like some agressive 12-year-old with an ants nest and a magnifying glass. The strengths of The Queen weren't predominantly in Frears' direction. And Scorsese? Well, he directed it well, sure. I'm giving him that. I hope he wins. Anyway.

These predictions are basically to keep me sane. I hope Babel doesn't win. Please don't let it win...

The Queen

I dunno. It's British. It reminds me of The Hours. I don't really care though as long as it's not Babel


It would be nice to see Little Miss Sunshine win considering it's Dreamgirls' only rival but, the only other nomination for that was for Toni Collette, which doesn't speak volumes. But, still, whatever. Either is fine (or Prada or Borat for that matter)

Martin Scorsese, The Departed

This seems logical. He directed it with aplomb, I just wish I liked the film more.

Peter O'Toole, Venus

*shrugs* whatever. I've only seen one of these men (Leo, The Departed). I couldn't care any less about this category if it was filled with five Leonardo DiCaprio performances.

Sasha Baron Cohen, Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Surely this is the only logical choice. I think I'd die of laughter if Chiwetel Ejiofor won. Fact - he's probably my third favourite here (after Cohen and Eckhart).

Helen Mirren, The Queen

I suppose my only hope of a Cruz upset is if voters decide to give Mirren the win in Television (for either Elizabeth I or Prime Suspect 7) and decide to give the award here to Cruz. But, oh well. It won't happen. Good for Helen though. She is wonderful.

Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada

Surely, much like Musical/Comedy Actor, this is the only logical choice. God I love that movie.

Eddie Murphy, Dreamgirls

Again, *shrugs*. I want Affleck or Wahlberg to cause an explosion, but without that, I'd much prefer Murphy to Nicholson or Pitt who don't really deserve to be anywhere near awards shows for these performances. Especially Pitt. Yikes. Anyway.

Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls

Seems to make sense, really. I'd die for an Emily Blunt surprise, but I love that Boomie is getting all this love. She's super.

The Queen

I've only seen three of these, and this was my favourite and the most deserving. Although I totally reckon I'd be in the Notes on a Scandal camp if I had seen it. It just seems like my kinda bitchfest movie.

Alexandre Desplat, The Painted Veil

Because I'll cry if Hans Zimmer wins and I wanna look like a fool for not predicting Babel to win anything (I'm not really sure why I'm predicting that.) But, yeah, I love Desplat, so if it's not him then I hope Clint Mansell. They're both delicious scores (even though I haven't seen the movie, I have iTunes to thank). And, well, has anyone even heard of this Nomad movie? Didn't think so.

Happy Feet

Because it's animated and a musical and I think it would've taken Thank You For Smoking's spot in Musical/Comedy Picture if this ghetto category wasn't put in place. Let it be known that I don't mind the Animated Feature category existing at the Oscars. People, like Nat, may argue that this category just keeps animated films from getting Best Picture nominations, but - let's face it - only one had ever done so beforehand. Stuff like the Toy Story movies couldn't manage it before the enactment of the category and many others have come and gone. And I'd rather Miyazaki have an Oscar than a failed Best Picture attempt.

--But. The Globes? The Globes awarded Toy Story 2 their Best Picture Musical/Comedy trophy! They've nominated animated films a lot. So now here is a legit case that they're being ghettosised into this category and won't be able to get Best Picture nominations. Anyway. I hope Happy Feet wins. It's special.

Letters From Iwo Jima

God, could this be any more obnoxious. Ugh.

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RC said...

good predictions...by now you know where they were dead on and were your prediction fell out...but i enjoyed reading your thoughts...even in retrospect.