May 2, 2006


Yeah, just like Nathaniel I don't have anything to discuss today so here's some stuff for y'all to read and enjoy.

The Candymen Can - The Australian newspaper on the new film Candy which stars Abbie Cornish, Heath Ledger, Geoffrey Rush, Noni Hazlehurst and others. Could be good. It's coming to Geelong cinemas apparently (there were brochers the other night) so that's good!

Revealing Role for an Actor - The Sydney Morning Herald on the return of Juliette Binoche. Just in time for Hidden's Australian release. I'm so seeing that on Thursday.

20 Weeks of Summer - Dave Poland don't like Mission Impossible 3. JJ Abrams is annoying as hell. Let's see how long it takes "Lost" to die before we call him a genius okay. "Felicity" was great for 2 seasons, pretty good for one. Shit for the rest. I didn't watch "Alias" but apparently it went to the crapper long before it ended. And, again, I don't watch "Lost" but how can that show keep going after three seasons - hell, from current reports it isn't even "going" right now what with ABC continuously putting in season breaks and the show never seeming to want to tie stuff up (he did that in "Felicity" and from all accounts, "Alias" too). And what? Now he's got a Tom Cruise blockbuster that is being sold as a Tom Cruise blockbuster (not a blockbuster from the creator of Lost or whatever). Right. He's the second coming of Christ while we're at it.

4. When it's time to leave an impregnable building, use lots of automatic weapons and be sure that only the outnumbered good guys will know how to shoot.

God I hate that. Like in Battlefield Earth when apparently the evil aliens (who are NOT affiliated with scientology and/or Xenu) took over our planet in, like, six minutes. Yet during the big action scene towards the end they can't shoot one single solitary man. LAAAME.

I've had my fill with Tom Cruise and Phillip Seymour Hoffman for a while so I won't be seeing M:I-3 (or however it's written). It does have Keri Russell and Michelle Monaghan in it but for the former I can just rewatch The Upside of Anger and that one has the added bonus of HER. *smiles* and the latter? Well, I can pop in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and get a healthy serving of Michelle plus a really great movie. Shame that Mission Impossible 3 will earn more in it's first day than KKBB did in it's entire run. Now THAT is a crime.

(hey look, I managed to think of stuff to say!)

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