May 3, 2006

Movie Covered Films With a Motion Picture Centre

Watches some movies by classic directors. Yay.

Marnie (1964, dir. Hitchcock)

Pretty good, although clearly not A-Grade Hitchcock. It definitely didn't go in directions that I would have expected from Hitchcock, however, I'm not sure that's a good thing. It was a tad long - some of the middle section needed to be cut. However the opening hour or so with Marnie just going about her business was excellent. Sean Connery sure did used to be pretty, hey? I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. B

The Killing (1956, dir. Kubrick)

Great early film by Stanley Kubrick. Wonderfully working within film-noir and thrillers. It is quite evident even from this film that Kubrick had a way with actors and constructing scenes. My favourite performance was the small role of Shelley as played by Marie Windsor. She was great. Loved the droll use of narration and the very stark black and white photography was wonderful. The only let down would be the ending. Yes, it's quite an ironic ending but I think I would have preferred it to have gone on maybe 10 minutes longer or so (the film runs only 80 minutes) and to have fleshed it out a bit more. But other than that, this was super. A-

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Cal said...

I agree. Definitely not A-grade Hitchock. I definitely remember Tippi Hedren being BRILLIANT though, and yes, Sean Connery was very dashing :P