May 9, 2006

About Bloody Time!

They're finally out! The two men who've been trapped in a tiny cage underground for 14 days (that's over 300 hours y'all) finally got out today. And strangely, both of them seemed to be able to walk easily and needed almost no medical attention. One of the men even signed himself out of hospital after only a couple of hours. They both decided to attend the funeral of the one man who died, though.

I loved this part of the article at the very end:

"Australia has a strong mine safety record compared with many other countries. After the deaths of 16 West Virginia coal miners earlier this year, U.S. labor leaders and experts held up Australia as a possible role model."

lol, "possible" righteo you guys. Keep it up! From this article:

"Mining is one of the world's most dangerous jobs. Worldwide 10,000 miners die every year. In Australia, 11 miners have been killed in accidents in the past year. "

Nice one. BRING ON THE MINI-SERIES! Hopefully not in real-time.

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