April 28, 2006

Michelle Period Pfeiffer Period

This is all part of Nathaniel's Michelle Pfeiffer Blogathon. Hope y'all enjoy. And make sure you read everyone else's. They're bound to be pfreakin' pfantastic pfolks.

Question: Is there anything more exciting than seeing Michelle Pfeiffer covered in delectable costumes? Hmm, probably - but I'm sure it's right up there at the top of natural highs in the world! But where do we start when discussing the beautiful creation that is Michelle Pfeiffer with the added extra of costumes? Does my mind go to the head-to-toe early century duds from The Age of Innocence and Dangerous Liaisons (both of which won Academy Awards for said costumes. Pfeiffer lucky charm.) Or does it swing to the fantastical recreation of Catwoman in Batman Returns. Or do we go for something contemporary for equally ravishing such as THAT red dress in The Fabulous Baker Boys. Oh… too much sensory excitement.

As the steadfast Madame Marie de Tourvel in Stephen Frears’ Dangerous Liaisons Michelle walks around a whole lot looking gorgeous (it comes easy to her you see), constantly wrapped in costumes that are a veritable cornucopia of beautiful duds. It helps that the Pfeiff is stunning in the role (later made famous to the youngens of my generation through Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions, y’all.) This era in time always has the best costuming, and seeing Michelle (and everyone else for that matter, including Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Uma Thurman) in them is heavenly.

However, my favourite of Michelle’s two big costume dramas is Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence, playing wily minx Ellen Olenska. It helps when the people inside the delicious costumes are pretty and HOLD THE FREAKIN’ FORT. Has there ever been a more attractive screen couple of the Pfeiff and Daniel (all-)Day-(long-)Lewis as the couple who just can’t quite get there. In this film Michelle is dressed up with a lot of places to go. She wear’s sexy ball gowns for the opera, beautiful outfits for just lounging around the house entertaining guests, and then there are all those pretty hats for protecting her fragile beautiful face from the sun!

In the picture above (from Innocence) you will notice she is wearing a gorgeous deep-red dress and as we all know, she is ravishing red, but where else has Michelle looked HOTTER than in The Fabulous Baker Boys? Dressed in that slinky red number, sitting atop of Jeff Bridges’ piano singing “Makin’ Whoopee”. If you have seen this movie (and I hope you have) you will agree with me that she’s never been better. But no matter what sexy li’l cocktail dress director Steven Kloves puts her in she looks great. Her Susie Diamond is a STAR, baby! The fact that What Lies Beneath director Robert Zemeckis decided to revisit Susie Diamond by putting Michelle in another sexy red dress just goes to show how great it really was.

And then there is that vixen of villains, Catwoman. Michelle slips on what could arguable be called one of the most dangerously erotic outfits ever in a movie to play the purring jewel thief. So much black leather! Selina Kyle would never have dreamt of such a concoction. What makes Michelle so sexy in this outfit is her demeanour. She has so much confidence in this costume that she makes it work despite being completely incomprehensibly inappropriate. But whatever, it’s awesome!

To finish this little article without mention of her sexy mob outfits from Scarface (including another sizzling red/pink number), or her business attire in I Am Sam, or the Russian garb from The Russia House? I don’t think I could’ve. Or how about her homicidal serial killer prison chic in White Oleander? That leather jackets and high school hyjink of Grease 2 and Dangerous Minds (at completely different ends of her acting spectrum)? Uh-huh. She went fantasy (but I have not seen it) in Ladyhawk and is going to be similarly dressed in the upcoming Stardust. You can pretty much be assured that no matter what outfits Michelle Pfeiffer steps into, she’ll look her absolute best. How could she not though, she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Someone really needs to cast her in another period piece. She might get that Oscar she deserves, and the costumes she looks best in.

There we go, I hope you enjoyed this Michelle Pfeiffer costume retrospective and hope you enjoy everyone else's different discussions about La Pfeiffer. She is one of the greatest actresses ever put on this planet. Happy Birthday Michelle (lol, as if you're actually reading this). Please keep acting and looking fabulous.


JavierAG said...

I loved this post! (And I'm usually not very interested in fashion). But geez, this IS Michelle Pfeiffer.

damion said...

this is a great and original post!

Kamikaze Camel said...

Ta Javier and Damion (omg QTA is replying to a post of mine!)


now why didn't i think of this --well done!

and red really is her color, right? too bad she always wears black in public.

Kamikaze Camel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kamikaze Camel said...

(because I'm awesome, that's why)

Red is so her colour. She looks so sexy and vampy in it (vampy in the good way). Too bad she always seems to wear coats in public, too.

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