January 31, 2006


It's Oscar Nomination morning for most of you guys! For me, it's Oscar Nomination night. I have to wait a couple of extra hours to see them announced on USA Today, but it's worth it because I much prefer to see them announced on tv first then jump on the computer and see the rest of the results.

My favourite Oscar morning moment? Two, actually.

1. Sitting infront of the tv and hearing them read out a man's name called "Fernando Meirelles" and quickly thinking "huh?" and then hearing them say "for City of God" and I was like ...8-)

2. Hearing Sofia Coppola's name read out alongside her film for Best Picture.

Man. I hope I get some of those sort of feelings this morning.

One question I must always ask though is, how to the technicians know what images to put up on the screens behind them? Like... they pop up the very second the name is announced. Have they made screens for every. single. possible. nominee. ??? and just press a button when it comes up? Cause, like, City of God's nominations weren't expected at all... whatever. OMG, so excited. I just know my predictions are all wrong - but i like tolive dangerously (that's a lie, I don't. But it's fun nevertheless when it comes to Oscar)

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JavierAG said...

OMG check out my Oscar predix if you have the time. I am so late as usual.