February 5, 2006

December Statistics

28 of the individuals nominated in the top 8 categories (picture, director, actor, actress, supporting actor and actress, adapted and original screenplay) were released prior to December. That's 28 from a possible 40. That's 70% of nominees in the top 8 being from non-December released films.

And if you wanna be picky and include Syriana as a December film (which is isn't) then that's still 65%. Impressive, non?

(Non-December titles)
Picture - 3/5
Director - 3/5
Actor - 4/5
Actress - 3/5
Supp. Actor - 4/5
Supp. Actress - 4/5
Orig. Screenplay - 4/5
Adap. Screenplay - 3/5

The rest you ask?

Cinematography - 2/5
Editing - 4/5
Production Design - 3/5
Costume Design - 3/5
Score - 2/5
Song - 2/3
Make-Up - 2/3
Sound - 2/5
Sound Editing - 1/3
Visual Effects - 1/3
Animated Film - 3/3
Documentary - 5/5

That's a total of 57 non-December nominations, which equals 63.34%. I obviously excluded the shorts categories because they're sporadically released and Documentary maybe should've been 4/4 because Street Fight hasn't received a proper release like the others (Darwin's Nightmare did indeed get a limited run in New York City earlier last year + it's many festival screenings, which is all Fight has - the other three had clear definable releases). Interesting to note about Animated Feature is that even if Madagascar or Chicken Little or even Robots or Steamboy made the list, it would still be 3/3. The only December titled eligable was Hoodwinked, and even that was only released in January but that that three day qualifying run.

The technical categories percentage was brought down by three films predominantly, Memoirs of a Geisha with 6, King Kong with 4 and Narnia with 3, equalling 13 of the December club alone plus 2 for Brokeback Mountain, 1 each for Mrs Henderson Presents, TransAmerica, The New World and Munich.

The only two December titles to get more than one nomination in the top 8 categories were Brokeback and Munich. There were also single noms for TransAmerica and Mrs Henderson Presents in Best Actress and Match Point for Original Screenplay. 5. Versus 13 non-December titles.

The total of Decembers titles that got nominated (i'm excluding animated and docs here) is 9:

Brokeback Mountain
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
King Kong
Match Point
Memoirs of a Geisha
Mrs Henderson Presents
The New World

The list of non-December titles nominated is 16:
Batman Begins
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Cinderella Man
The Constant Gardener
Good Night & Good Luck
A History of Violence
Hustle & Flow
North Country
Pride & Prejudice
The Squid and the Whale
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
Walk the Line

And yes, many of those only got single nod's but so did the december titles The New World and Match Point. If you wanna be picky though, the number of December titles with more than 1 nominations goes down to 7, while non-December titles goes down to 11. Still impressive. Oh, but if you include animated films and documentaries the number of non-December titles goes up to 24, but down again to 11 excluding single nom films.

(i excluded foreign film from this post, obviously, cause that category's fucked up.

Interesting footnight - this year had 4 non-December films starting with the letter C and 4 December films starting with the letter M. Odd? Not very.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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