January 16, 2006

Land Mines

Land Mines - A Love Story (2005, dir. O'Rourke) - Touching documentary that follows a married couple and their three (eventually four) children in Afghanistan. Both are leg amputees due to land mines. Incredible sad at times - also anger-enducing. Did you know the USA is one of the only countries to not sign the anti-Land Mine treatee? 150 others have, but USA hasn't alongside China, India and some others. Disgraceful. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise then that the United States' government commissioned cluster bombs that look exactly the same as aid packages that any unsuspecting person could go towards. The most poignant part was when Habiba says directly and to the point "I wish the people making land mines could stop. Do they not know that people are losing legs, arms, eyes. Can't they make something worthwhile?" So true. B

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