December 27, 2005

Movies (Christmas) Movies

Wow, it's gonna get hectic in movie viewing land pretty soon. I'm going to see The Chronicles of Narnia right now, I have Comme un Image (Look At Me) sitting atop my (brand spankin' new christy present of a) television. I think I'm going to Melbourne on Thursday to see Good Night & Good Luck and maybe Mrs Henderson Presents or something. I dunno.

But I'm gonna briefly discuss what I got for Christmas.

Previously mentioned 51cm TV (much bigger than my old one)
Titanic 4 Disc DVD
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (to go alongside my 1001 Movies...)
1001 Songs: The Greatest Songs of All Time (not affiliated to the above title)
Cut: Hollywood Murders, Accidents and other tragedies
Jelly Belly Jellybeans (LOVE)
Chocolate (lots of it)

and quite possibly one of the strangest presents, but also one of the best. I can officially say that I am now a member of the Australian Film Institute!

If the piece of paper i got is anything to go by (which I'm sure it is) I can now
-Vote for Australian Films (!!!)
-Attend special AFI judges screenings
-Attend complimentary preview screenings,
-Receive ticket discounts at a wide variety of cinemas
-Receive regular newsletters (such as the one I received BEFORE Christmas and thought "when did i become a member of the AFI?") and the ability to enter competitions such as all four Best Picture 2005 nominees on DVD, and free double-passes to movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha, Match Point? a Tsoti
-Cheaper rates on film magazines such as Empire and FilmInk
-Receive discounts to film festivals and industry events
-Access to the AFI Research library

wow, right? I am now a voter of an awards show!!!! I rock. Now, here's hoping 2006 has a great Aussie films.

In much more sombre news, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the Asian Tsunami. The year's most defining news story (i'm totally doing a list of them later on).

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