December 28, 2005

Denim - Episode One: The Phantom Jeans

They should have called it Girls in Jeans. Or Denim - Episode One: The Phantom Jeans. Anything except The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

The same goes for
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. No surprise why there wasn't a queue around the block for that one.

Well, I just had a good chuckle over at this article from the Sydney Morning Herald.

VERY brief things:

Comme une Image [Look At Me] (2005, dir. Jaoui) - Great little French movie. Stand out performance from writer/director Agnes Jaoui. Funny, sad, well-made. One of the best foreign films of this year. B+

In Cold Blood (1967, dir. Brooks) - Starts out brilliantly but I started to lose my interest when the focus went onto the two guys on the run and not the small town. Masterful cinematography and score, some really good performances too. Much more interested in Capote now. B

Small Time Crooks (2000, dir. Allen) - Starts out brilliantly but I started to lose my interest (not just deja vu) after only 30 minutes. Wastes all the best things at the start and then burns out as the wonderful Tracy Ullman tries to become smart and Woody Allen remains jewish, yet all the supporting character disappear except for (thankfully) Elaine May. The first third: B+, the rest, C. The whole shebang? C+ Much more interested in Match Point now.