December 3, 2005

Harry Potter and the B Grade

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005, dir. Newell) - Still good. But not as good as Azkaban. I think it may just be that with the third film was such a shock to my system because the first two were so shit. But this one is still good! It's just that I wasn't as shocked while watching it that it had improved.

Plus, some of the visual spark from Azkaban has disappeared. And I know it's a long book, but still... the movie is a bit too long.

Still, technically is does still look great, the performances are getting better and better (Daniel Radcliffe is still embarassing to watch at times) with Emily Watson proving fantastic and even Rupert Grint, i felt, was much more up the tast than before. The action scenes are well done, however there was something about them that I didn't like - i can't figure out what though.

But the part that really made this film excel was the bits when it was a high school movie. The dialogue and acting in these scenes was splendid. And that ending where Hermione realises their innocent high school years are ending was actually sort of sad.

All in all, it's still way better than the first two! B

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