December 2, 2005

Sometimes I just don't get Dave Poland

He has a weird thing against Pride & Prejudice, I'm sure of it. Firstly there was the downright wacky comment next to Keira Knighley on his Best Actress charts about how The Academy is prejudiced against mediocre movies. It was off because, a) they aren't prejudiced against bad movies at all and, b) P&P isn't considering "mediocre".


Reading his new charts today next to the film on his Best Picture page there is this:

"Loved by some, dismissed by many"

...I'm sorry? I swear he just doesn't like it and is retaliating its popularity by being snarky or something. Maybe if his comments made sense. Perhaps "Loved by some. But not enough Academy Members" (i don't know if that's true), or something else. But, really. "dismissed"? Has it really been dismissed? And by how many? Dismissed by more than those who like it? I'd say the only ones dismissing it are those who masturbate over the BBC version or bored boyfriends of girls who took them along.

I'd say P&P has more of a shot at BP than, oh say, A History of Violence

But then on the Best Actress page he just becomes one of the dismissers, by saying Keira is in his Top 5 "A bit by default... could easily fall away". The falling away part is indeed true, but so could everyone. He has Theron at #3, he film has all but disappeared but there is nothing next to her saying "could easily fall away". And it sort of insults Keira's performance because, hey, it's actually good on it's own merits, not because so many others are bad. But then, he has Claire Danes at #6, so...

Whatever. Sometimes he makes such absolute perfect sense. And then other times... nada.


adam k. said...

Yeah, I hate Dave Poland. Lately he's really been pissing me off.

adam k. said...

Yeah, I hate Dave Poland. Lately he's really been pissing me off.

Kamikaze Camel said...

double the hate?

Yeah, he's been really snarky lately I've noticed.

Shame really, cause I used to really like him. Doesn't help that most of the people posting at his blog are absolute morons.