December 1, 2005

Independent & Political to-and-fro

Okay, two things.

The awards presentation will be carried live by the Independent film Channel at 5:00 p.m. March 4, and an edited version will air on AMC at 10:00 p.m. the same day.

I had never really thought about this, but really - how many of the films nominated at the Independent Film Spirit Awards (or whatever they're called) would screen on the Independent Film Channel? GN&GL? Capote?

Secondly, something a political nature.

Van Nguyen is going to die in Changi Prison in under 24 hours. Now, while I am not a supporter of the death penalty, who am I (or anyone for that matter who does not live in Singapore) to say Singapore should disregard their legal system for a confessed drug trafficker?

There are people (including political leaders) who want to have A MINUTE SILENCE in dedication to this man. Er, right. They want to put him on the platter of, oh say, World War I, II, Vietnam, Korea, etc victims and heroes? A drug trafficker? A man who was trying to bring enough heroin into Australia for something like 39,000 injections?

Sure, the death penalty is quite barbarrick, but that's how Singapore (and most of Asia) is trying to deal with the drug epidemic. And if Van Nguyen's hanging persuades one, two, twenty-four, sixty-seven, however many people from trafficking drugs through Asia, then... well... i find it hard to rise sympathy for the man.

Shappelle Corby (15 years in a Balinese prison, escaped death by firing squad), the Bali 9 (surely, to be sentenced to a long time in prison. Possibly death by firing squad for the ring leader) and Michelle Leslie (three months for possessing 2 ecstacy pills) and Van Nguyen (death by hanging) surely we will stop hearing about more stupid Australians getting caught in south-east Asia on drug charges. Surely? Well... that's up for debate.

Now, I wish I could find Changi on DVD.

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