December 1, 2005


Now, I don't think Charlize will get an Oscar nod for North Country (I thought that before Nat's Best Actress predix thank you very much lol) but this article seems a bit misjudged.

The writer seems to be contradicting his own points.

His whole point is that Charlize is turning into Halle. Thing is, he then goes on to say that North Country will likely get her another Oscar nomination. That The Ice At The Bottom of the World (er, or whatever it was called) seems like Oscar Gold and that she got an Emmy nomination in the well-received The Life & Death of Peter Sellers. Yes, Aeon Flux looks less than great, but the first Italian Job (er, the remake, with me?) was a fun action movie (one of the best of the US Summer) and maybe a sequel isn't the best idea, but it's better than a lame horror movie.


right. Halle became a Bond Girl, made a bad horror movie (Gothika), a very bad comic movie (Catwoman and been in a big box office movie (X2).

And even then, I am in now way shape or form a Halle Berry fan, but the writer obviously didn't even make a quick check of the Internet Movie Database. This year Ms Berry was nominated twice. Once for Best Actress (Their Eyes Were Watching God) and as a producer of Luckawanna Blues, which recently got a couple of IFP nominations. And she'll surely get a Globe nomination, just like Theron.

Now, it may sound like I too am contradicting myself because I'm saying they are similar. And, well, they are. it's just that this writer was on the right path but seemed to have gotten it completely wrong. He just seemed to have... skipped stuff.

In other news, I just saw a commercial for The Surgeon advertising tonights episode as "Season Finale", which means it hasn't been axed yet! That's good. I never watched it (I wanted to after seeing Look Both Ways and falling for the lovely Justine Clarke), but i hear it's one of the best Australian dramas around (not that there's a lot of them).

Oh well.


JavierAG said...

charlize won't be getting a nod this year unless ziyi *and* huffman blow up to pieces. btw you should continue with the 2006 articles, the first one was great!

Kamikaze Camel said...

lol, that 2006 article was just cause I can't wait for Marie-Antionette.

Thanks though!

(nice to know people are reading)